T9Hacks is a 24 hour hackathon at the University of Colorado Boulder’s ATLAS Institute. Whether you're a programmer, artist, designer, or experienced web developer, you’ll find your place at T9Hacks!

T9Hacks is a 24 hour hackathon at the University of Colorado Boulder's ATLAS Institute that brings together students for a day of creativity, building, and hacking. Our goals this upcoming spring is to increase participation of women and people new to hackathons and to create an opportunity for students to explore new technologies, solve problems, and create something amazing with a team. Women occupy only 26% of IT positions and 18% of engineering majors in universities, and we want to help raise those numbers!

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Participants: Individuals 18 and up who are currently enrolled as a university student.

Teams: Up to 4 people per team.

Country, State: United States, Colorado


Starting at 5pm on Saturday, February 20th, you are free to build anything you set your mind to. That includes software and hardward projects, mobile apps, creative designs, websites, wearable technology... and the list goes on! Come prepared with an open mind, enthusiasm, and creativity.


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Jessie Albarian
CU Boulder

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Brittany Kos
CU Boulder

Judging Criteria

  • Puniest Domain Name
    Win the Domain.com prize for Puniest Domain Name! It must be registered. The domains are in your swag bag!
  • Best Use of the Color Purple